Peaks in Hong Kong - Where and How Much Can You See?

NOTE:This application is best viewed on laptop/tablet with minimum width of 800px. Mobile version of this app is ongoing development.

With numerous amount of hills and peaks in Hong Kong, have you ever investigated the visable area from the peaks? This application allows you to view and check where and how much you could see from the peaks with given visible distance.

In this 3d map, the peaks are labelled with their Chinese and English names, as well as elevation.

How to Use

  1. Drag and wander around the 3D map and investigate the topography.
  2. Click on the peaks (or any other places you like). A red pin will appear on the place you clicked.
  3. The application will then compute the visible area (viewshed in jargon) from that point. The white grids appears on the map shows the area visible from the centre.
  4. Drag the slider to set your desired visibility (1-20km) to simulate how far you can see from the centre.

Current Visibility

Current visibility data are provided by Hong Kong Observatory.


No idea where to start? Take a glance at the following scenes.